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CodeSubWars::CSWRechargeWeaponBatteryCommand Class Reference

#include <CSWVariousCommands.h>

Inheritance diagram for CodeSubWars::CSWRechargeWeaponBatteryCommand:

Public Member Functions

virtual ARSTD::Command::PtrType copy () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CodeSubWars::CSWExecuteCommand
virtual std::string getName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ARSTD::Command
virtual PtrType copy () const =0
virtual std::string getName () const =0
virtual bool wasExecuted () const
virtual double getProgress () const

Static Public Member Functions

static PtrType create (std::shared_ptr< CSWWeaponBattery > &pWeaponBattery, const std::string &strSupplyName, unsigned long nResourceIDs)

Detailed Description

This is a specialization of a command. It provides the functionality to request recharge of a weapon battery at a resource provider.

Member Function Documentation

◆ copy()

ARSTD::Command::PtrType CodeSubWars::CSWRechargeWeaponBatteryCommand::copy ( ) const

Returns a copy of the command.

The copied command.

Implements ARSTD::Command.

◆ create()

CSWRechargeWeaponBatteryCommand::PtrType CodeSubWars::CSWRechargeWeaponBatteryCommand::create ( std::shared_ptr< CSWWeaponBattery > &  pWeaponBattery,
const std::string &  strSupplyName,
unsigned long  nResourceIDs 

Creates a new command that let the given WeaponBattery tries to recharge at the given supply.

pWeaponBatteryThe weapon battery which should be recharged.
strSupplyNameThe name of the object where the battery should try to be recharged.
nResourceIDsThe ORed combination of resourceIDs that should be recharged at that supply.
Returns the new constructed command.

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