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CodeSubWars::CSWSetEngineIntensityCommand Class Reference

#include <CSWVariousCommands.h>

Inheritance diagram for CodeSubWars::CSWSetEngineIntensityCommand:

Public Member Functions

virtual ARSTD::Command::PtrType copy () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CodeSubWars::CSWExecuteCommand
virtual std::string getName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ARSTD::Command
virtual PtrType copy () const =0
virtual std::string getName () const =0
virtual bool wasExecuted () const
virtual double getProgress () const

Static Public Member Functions

static PtrType create (std::shared_ptr< CSWEngine > &pEngine, const double &fIntensity)

Detailed Description

This is a specialization of a command. It provides the functionality to set the intensity of an engine.

Member Function Documentation

◆ copy()

ARSTD::Command::PtrType CodeSubWars::CSWSetEngineIntensityCommand::copy ( ) const

Returns a copy of the command.

The copied command.

Implements ARSTD::Command.

◆ create()

CSWSetEngineIntensityCommand::PtrType CodeSubWars::CSWSetEngineIntensityCommand::create ( std::shared_ptr< CSWEngine > &  pEngine,
const double &  fIntensity 

Creates a new command that let the given engine change its intensity.

pEngineThe engine which should change its intensity.
fIntensityThe new intensity in range [-1, 1].
Returns the new constructed command.

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